Pigeon Talk 2

…the (redacted) Archinect-ers are suggesting I get mental health counseling & that my marriage is on the rocks…really fine folks on that site. Holders of architecture licenses. Really great people. DC

j: Confusing manners with class is the root of many problems these days.

Volunteer: Confusing money with class is the root of many more problems.

j: Ahh…the myth that the rich are evil and the poor are noble….id say the distribution of good and bad character spans pretty evenly across economic demographics…

j: The new religion of leftism sounds a lot like Catholicism lately…the religious left has so much in common with the religious right…not directed at you volunteer…just an general observation on the topic of class and manners…I feel the over emphasis on outward expression…pc culture…has allowed many to circumvent personal inner development…

S: One major difference being the amount of damage the evil people in each group can do according to their means.

j: The idea of saying what you feel meant paying consequences for shitty thoughts…now they can comfortably coexist behind a veil of polished manners…

j: It’s the new southern charm…

j: P, yes if we are comparing individual to individual…no if we are talking about the overall combined effect on a society…there I’d say damage is coming from both…

j: Evil was an inaccurate word…I’ll swap that for dishonorable…

a: Again, having a hard time believing he’s real. Slamming everyone here as fascists and censoring him. Yet it seemed he tried to forcefully shut down anyone with a slightly different opinion by threatening lawsuits, stalking or physically attacking. Then found a note to the editor of some Marin newspaper about his wife on the city council

(editor’s note: The “wife” is not on the city council) 

trying to stop a public vote on the Dixie school name because the public couldn’t be trusted to make the right decisions. Jesus these people are real….It’s like Fox New’s stereotype of San Francisco liberals they try to create for Trump supporters actually incarnate. How…..

S: I was looking forward to the letter demanding NCARB shut down and apologize for the multiple ARE failures.

M: Got an apologetic email from A’nect with a link to DC’s insanity in other venues. Anyway, now that he’s gone my A’nect holiday is over.

Although I might not be around much in the next week or so – I’ve got a huge show coming up at SCOPE Miami, shipped off 30 pieces today.

Any ‘necter’s near South Beach next week, if you somehow manage to get in touch I’ll put you on the ‘will call’ list for free entry.

S: The irony of him calling folks out for being anon and then pulling this sorta shit is gold.
For fuck’s sake, Rick. At most forums when someone is banned continuing to bait the behavior that got the person banned usually ends up with a 2nd ban. Please stop.

JT: Agreed. Plus attacking Donna on Twitter… are you kidding me??


(posts screen shot of NCI-Des content)


L: Trump is living rent free in that guys head 24/7. I did also enjoy how he was censoring others speech by removing street signs supporting a political opinion he doesn’t agree with. You can’t have it both ways.

FYI that was in his Twitter feed going back a couple months

RickB: Did he spend a night at the gray bar inn?

RickB: I apologize for contributing to that shit tonne of messages in your email in that ummm…. debate. I understand it piles up a sh!t load in the email box which is why I use a special email account just for that. I’ll keep this short.

PS: I would not be surprise(d) for FOI requests (which doesn’t apply to privately owned web forums and GDPR regulation would prohibit disclosure of private data from anonymous members from the EU. Sorry Mr. Curtis. 

RickB: Oh and feel free to delete this thread after a few days of speaking freely and not inundating TC too much on this.

Only quoting what Donna said on TC: Everyone commenting here that they’re happy/relieved/unsurprised at DC being gone: let’s all contribute to good, thoughtful commentary (and quality funny snarky comebacks, too), please?

Amen to that.

P: Wait, so was DC banned or did he delete his account after being threatened with a ban?

RickB: Apparently, he was banned.

L: Thanks for the reply. I missed the sh*tshow thread.

p: That guy has some serious issues!

DC: Is there a neighborhood that has a ban on leaf blowers? Because I would live in that neighborhood.

NS: pick one. (posts list of places)

DC: Oh good, Portland is listed. Whew.

NS: Toronto is also listed

PN: You could live in a place with no trees and artificial grass

T: Is there a neighborhood that has a ban on leaf blowers in a state that allows licensure for those who haven’t passed the ARE?

Limited options, DC.

NS: ^ award for most specific zen diagram idea.

LNI: We’ve got to crack down on the insane amount of noise our neighborhoods are producing these days. Our yards used to be the place to go for relief from the chaos and pollution of the city, but now our yards are the source of the chaos and pollution. I’ve told my neighbors that the incessant leaf blower battles going on are going to lower our home values and your statement proves it.  If you considered buying in my neighborhood and took a walk down my street, you’d soon realize there are no birds, only leaf blowers.  You’ll have no fresh air on your walk, only leaf blower exhaust. So you wouldn’t buy.  My city of Atlanta voted in $260 million in sidewalk improvements to make the place more walk-able, but you can’t walk without leaf blower guys blowing dust in your eyes and lungs not to mention what they’re doing to your ears.  As more cities become zero emission cities, they’ll hopefully read enough to realize the primitive, unregulated leaf blowers are emitting much worse than what’s coming out of the tail pipe of a car.  Ending the use of even one 2-stroke leaf blower, is like taking 300 cars off the road.  Don’t doubt it, read about it.  All my sources are here https://pollinatorfriendlyyard…


NS: Oh no, not chemicals! Can you recommend me a chemical-free rake?

DS: (ageist remark redacted)

r: Just “relieve” the people of their blowers.

g: Definitely a first world problem.

WG: I moved to a rural area for many reasons, but among them was to escape the proliferation of leaf blowers. Now I can’t see any of my neighbors, but I do occasionally hear gunshots and chain saws. And most of my work is in the city over an hour away. But no leaf blowers…

NS: Gunshots over leaf blowers? Odd choice. Our house is on a street lined with 50y(r) old maples and oak trees, yet I’ve never seen someone use a blower. 

SC: Leaf blower season only lasts a couple weeks here (northern New England) but most don’t bother with that exercise in futility anyway. There’s been a foot of snow for a month. Leaves are a distant memory.

PN: Palm trees with astro turf maybe Palm Springs?

DC: I hate palm trees.

MJ: DC is the Archinect Zombie. 4 new threads today, all of them utterly 
without reason or meaning. I’ve ignored him but his shit still floats to
the top. Time for another Archinect holiday. 

DS: Here is some tough love, DC, but I’m with Miles.  Please don’t read this in an angry voice, but just a tired and depressed one: I’ve barely been checking in to the forums lately and honestly a lot of it has to do with the constant bullshit you are posting. It’s not interesting. It’s all very personal and no matter what anyone posts in response you take offense. And if someone asks an innocent question you are at the front of the line to respond with criticism of them, too. It’s all exhausting and so negative. So I’m just checking out, mostly. You’re not the only negative one on here, and heaven knows I’m often negative too – but the quantity you’ve been posting lately is becoming overwhelming.

P: DC you do realize that if architects refused to build anything but highly experimental modernism the construction and real estate industry wouldn’t grind to a halt and not know how to build anything unless they bent to those “visionaries” wills. They’d just build more of the same crap without you. It would actually probably be a more efficient system…of building crap.

NS: Few of us care what you do DC, so the feeling is mutual.

SP: NCARB: Who’s DC?

State Boards: Who’s DC?

Marin County: Who’s DC?

AIA: Who’s DC?

Archinect: *sigh*

DS: SneakyPete this post made me laugh a lot. *chef fingertip kiss* Perfect.E

EA: I’ll throw in my agreement with Miles and Donna. 

Can we put a limit on certain users; 10-20 posts per day … minimum 15-30 minutes between posts? Maybe a progressive scale. First 10 can be as quickly as you want them, then a cooling off period (2 hours) before you can post the next 10 with a minimum 30-minute period between posts with a maximum of 20 per day.

A: don’t mean to intrude here, but I hope a mod or someone from Archinect realizes there’s going to be a surge in spam accounts because of DC. One was already removed. Please find a way of controlling his pointless ramblings

r: “Please find a way of controlling his pointless ramblings” 
You mean like meds or therapy?

A: Maybe a straightjacket so he can’t use a keyboard

A: Agreed, pretty frustrating. I come to Archinect to blow off steam, read silly shit, and occasionally trade comments/ barbs/ jovial insults with the other users, and DC, like RB before him, adds absolutely nothing to the conversation.

F: woah, DC perma-ban?  i hope he’s ok …

NS: There was a very direct last warning given.

EA: It serves me right for trying to get some work done … I missed it. Noticed that he was removed from TC before the perma-ban. Probably when the direct first warnings were given.

t: Posts deleted too? Good riddance.

NS: yeah, I got a shit-tonne worth of reply email notifications, but none of those thread exist now. Oh well. He can skulk in the shadows from exile.

t: Archinect should post the letter I assume they’ll receive from his attorney.

c: amen

NS: If I recall correctly, his attorney is also his wife. I predict some sort of FOI request for all ano accounts names.

(editor’s note: His several attorneys are not his wife)

a: I have a really hard time believing that DC was real. There’s no way there could be someone so seemingly childish, ignorant with such huge illusions of grandeur. But then you realize there’s an internet footprint of random things in the news and YouTube videos and it hits you…..this person really exists. Terrifying.

c: There definitely appears to be some real imbalance there. Didn’t he recently get married to someone with kids? I worry about their well-being. His, too, by the way… he’s got some problems that a license ain’t gonna fix.

R: He promised to rearrange my face if he ever met me. A very lovely fella.

DS: OK, so: I didn’t directly cause DC to be banned but perhaps my post above had something to do with it – I (and M, and others) voiced my frustrations, and someone listened, it seems.

But here is the responsibility that comes along with speaking up: now that I’ve complained about the lack of quality in those posts (among others), it’s my responsibility to step up and supply quality content to the Forum. And it is all of y’alls, too. Everyone commenting here that they’re happy/relieved/unsurprised at DC being gone: let’s all contribute to good, thoughtful commentary (and quality funny snarky comebacks, too), please?

I’ll start by starting a thread (or maybe bumping one) on a project I like a lot – but later today, after I finish writing the petitioner’s statement I need for a zoning meeting tomorrow (ah, the glamourous life of an architect).

R: Internet has changed so much in the last decade or so. I remember being very anti censorship at some point. But in this orange year of 2018, I think we need as much censorship as we can get. Shit is spiraling out of control and nonsense is drowning out all sensibility. Web 2.0 was a colossal mistake. We demand this thread be deleted as well. CENSORSHIP CENSORSHIP!!

t: Hear hear!

(edit: to D, not R) R!

Rude! I demand that user t be deleted pronto.

p: Thanks god that retard DC is gone. I’ve been reading more this forum lately and he was definitely the most annoying person

PM: No need to use the word “retard”I don’t think he was actually developmentally disabled (as my sister is), but I suppose you never know. I can think of a raft of better insults, hopefully in the future you take the time to also – just as you wouldn’t call an uncool or effeminate person a “fag” in this enlightened age.

r: On a positive note, he’ll have more time to get his license.

J: hardly, he keeps going on twitter.

© David Curtis 2018

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