David Curtis, RD, principal at dc_us

Founder, NCI-Des

BSArch, Knowlton School of Architecture

30 years experience in architecture, art, design, & education

Licensed RD in Nevada since 2007

NCARB record 844834

NDA agreements with NV & CA licensed architects

CAB Candidate ID: 21661


Dr Effie Bouras, associate, dc_us

Bouras has designed objects + buildings, both real and imaginary, under the auspices of ‘mechanik design,’ and others; covering the realms of exhibit design, large and small scale environmental art, and building projects. The premise is rooted within the cross-connections between various disciplines, their paradigms, processes, and at times arcane natures. Several aspects of the work has been featured in international and nationally based publications, and has been a featured guest on shows, including “Finding Stuff Out,” and others, broadcast by, TVO, Discovery Kids Asia, Pop TV UK, Knowledge Kids Network and PBS.

As a postdoctoral fellow and researcher at McGill University, Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, her work gauged the seismic vulnerability/ risk mitigation of non-structural components in post-critical buildings, specifically Montreal area hospitals; during that time also founding, co-curating and designing, an experimental exhibit that scrutinized the intersection of architectural storytelling and the technicality of structure, through the lens of earthquake engineering, titled “Considering the Quake.” The exhibit debuted at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada, and traveled thereafter.

Academically, Bouras has served as an adjunct professor for several years, teaching courses in architectural design, urban planning, drawing, structures and computer modeling; and invited as a guest lecturer and critic at several schools including, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

Exhibit: Considering the quake

1 10 2018

Primitive Hut ©2018 David Curtis, a de-mountable modular enclosure system.


Nihal Besevli Cinaz, assistant to principal, dc_us, NYC

Oct 2017- present, Nelligan White Architects, New York, NY, US, Designer

2014-2017, nokta-planlama, Istanbul, TR

BArch, MArch, Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts