Worker Housing

conceptual housing for a site in Lucas Valley, CA by dc_us

Reference image of a housing project by Jean Nouvel

Saint Helena, CA Remodel

photo courtesy of the owner

dc_us did the space planning and permit docs for this ceiling reconfiguration (flat to gable) and kitchen expansion.

We have freedom of publishing

Julian Assange could have remained anonymous with respect to the creation and maintenance of Wikileaks. Publishers should not be punished for being named. We have whistle blower protection. We have freedom of publishing or we have nothing worth defending.

Sound Studio for GG

Sound Studio in Las Vegas for GG.

Budihalim Won Addition

A 2nd floor Master Bedroom Suite addition, design and permit documents by dc_us. Location: Belmont, CA. Built in 2017.

Desert Concrete by dc_us

Concrete veneer of an existing stone retaining wall based on FLW’s desert concrete

“I wanted to make the existing stone wall more planer by adding concrete veneer. I also wanted some of the existing stones to be visible to show the original construction, so the contractor came up with the technique of attaching wadded paper to the form boards so apertures were cast into the finish surface.” dc

We collaborated with Beth LaDove on the paving and landscaping design.


from the proposal for the City of Las Vegas, NV

Screen shot from the rhino model by David Curtis.