DC makes a zombie movie

Scene One: SG + YTW on a river bank. SG has a flame thrower.

SG at EM

Do People Read the Pacific Sun? Update 12/19/2018

meme that was posted to the MarinIJ by an anon user account 

Or read in general?

I see everyone staring at screens, but what are they looking at?

Is social networking and looking at Youtube videos reading?

Is anyone reading tweets at this point?

Journalists were reading Trump tweets but that seems to have calmed down.

I’m currently reading two books: All Our Relations by Winona Laduke, and Chief Marin by Betty Goerke.

When I can, that is, I am currently eight months late on finishing a plan check response on a project in Albany, CA.

I started the plan check response eight months ago, then developed a condition called “frozen shoulder”. I didn’t even know that is a thing.

In August, my wife Marnie said that “Dixie is a synonym for the Confederacy, and everyone knows it” on television and the zombie confederate sympathizers came out of the woodwork.

She serves on the Dixie School District board of trustees.

Since her statement, we have been attacked personally on various social media platforms, Nextdoor, Facebook, MarinIJ, San Francisco Chronicle.

At least two family heads who are “WeAreDixie” supporters now make faces at my children. Our children used to play together.

One couple from South Africa, I thought maybe they might have some sensitivity to an issue of black people being insulted by the name “Dixie” on a public school district in a supposedly progressive location.

Archinect, (a Facebook for architects) deleted my user account after I retaliated with spam posts on their forum in response to constant personal attacks and defamation by anon user accounts. I requested Archinect remove the anon user posting option, but they refused. They said it is “valuable” to them (to drive traffic to the site).

I suggested to the owner of the Marin IJ that he was exposing the paper to legal action by allowing anon user accounts to post defamation.

I suggest that perhaps 95% of all humans on earth know what Dixie means. But a small, sometimes present group of apparently stubborn/mean “neighbors” seems to need to cling to some idea of what they want “Dixie” to mean in their heads and to people around them.

But you know, that battle was already fought in the 1800s, and that side lost.

I have settled (at the moment) on a response to the “WeAreDixie” people: Thank you for reading more about history.


adapted from Peter S Lucking

(first published by Unshod Quills)

–  On Lipstick

prevalent among the Sumerians, Egyptians, Syrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks.
Later, Elizabeth I with red mercuric sulfide.
For years, rouge
only promiscuous women
true societal acceptance
By 1915 push up tubes were available, and the first claims of “indelibility” were made.

Raw Materials
wax, oil, alcohol, and pigment.
beeswax, candelilla wax, or the more expensive camauba. Wax enables the mixture to be formed into the easily recognized shape of the cosmetic. Fragrance and pigment are also added, as are preservatives and antioxidants, which prevent lipstick from becoming rancid.


Mary Jane Burke

Maybe it (student “absenteeism”) is an indication that the students are not finding being measured by standardized testing to be an effective method of “teaching”?
Maybe if the focus was less on sports/preparing poor students for military service?
Maybe if the schedule could be less complicated?
Maybe If we could drop off our kids without them being nearly run over in car line?
Maybe if the teachers could have fewer students in the classrooms?
Maybe if the teachers were allowed to teach instead of regurgitating common core bullshit? 
Maybe get away from “punishment” models? 
Maybe stop treating them like cattle?

Architecture Self-regulates

There is no reason to have state architecture boards. Architecture is a self-regulating practice.

One practices architecture. If one fails to adequately maintain the practice, one gets sued, or fails to get repeat clients, the clients talk to one another at dinner parties, the failed building is seen by others…the practice self-regulates.

If the state architecture boards were disbanded today, no one would notice.

Buildings would still happen. Lawsuits would still happen.

Architecture boards serve no purpose.