Bring them to Justice (update 6/4/2020)

Thank you, to the people of Oakland. In solidarity with the people of Minneapolis.

I received word yesterday that the four former police officers have all been charged for their roles in the death of George Floyd.

I was with you at a barricade last night (May 30th) in Oakland at 14th Street, just East of City Hall. After we complied with the police demand that we “move back”, in the street, the police THEN shot at us with a tear gas canister. We held our position and I pretty much wanted to rip the cops fucking head off at that point. But I kept my shit together. Thankfully, one of the protestors was able to cover the tear gas canister with some traffic cones and water.

I would like to express my thanks also to the people of Minneapolis.

The police failed you, by allowing an officer to violate his oath, by committing a public execution of George Floyd.

To add insult, rather than immediately arresting the offending officer, his employment was terminated, and reports indicate he is at a residential location surrounded by police officers. Reports are he is in custody today.

The other offending officers must be brought to justice.

The officers who were adjacent to him during the crime are complicit.

Those officers must also be brought to justice.

The precinct that houses the offending officers must be brought to justice.

No peace exists until the officers are brought to justice.

David Curtis

All Hail King Punk Ass Orange Pu$$y (updated 5/28/2020)

Because basically Israel and Jesus “allow us” to “choose” from two a$$ clowns so “we” will keep “paying” for drug deals, and blowing up poor people of color….short answer.

And Uncle Shelly got a $400,000,000 tax break.

Competing for control of the two candidates, along with foreign governments, and the mafia, is the omnipresent tech industry. The tech industry which enables grotesque disproportional wealth. It would be difficult for an interested party to pick which scumbags to execute first.

WordPress is apparently run by Dead Mother Teresa

Cliffs Happen

We get quarterly reports from this investment advisor.

I notice the cliffs happen to coincide with significant life events.

Immediately after some of the most important events in my life, big cliffs happen.

The cliffs happen on average at 12 year intervals.

One indication a cliff is imminent: In architecture we start seeing projects being proposed that “don’t pencil out”.

Super tall buildings are an indication.

Another indication is the % of bad debt in a population.

Another is we start to see people in really important positions who clearly have no idea what they are doing…

I don’t like Mondays

The global daily Covid-19 death rate is basically flat, global new cases rate is still increasing. States must not reopen. Any state reopening is an enemy of the people. We have lost 345K humans and we are not yet halfway through this.

This is the Monday where we say thanks for all the dead people who out of desperation and manipulation died needlessly for corrupt governments. Thanks. But you can’t read this, because you are all dead. So it is really to control the living people.

PS: Don’t buy Google Ads. Google is the devil. 666

Ode to 3 dead moths

Ode to three dead moths by David Curtis 2020

If you come back

If you live again

I hope your next existence

has more dignity

the three of you

I want the Universe

to provide another chance

for you

Than floating

in that urine

in this rest stop

during a pandemic

© David Curtis 2020

(Please) Remove POTUS with extreme prejudice

POTUS should be removed with extreme prejudice if he enters tribal land.

If POTUS is found within tribal land he is to be considered an enemy of the people.

If the people would detain him until crimes against humanity charges can be brought against POTUS, please do so.

POTUS entering tribal land will be considered an act of aggression.

David Curtis, Republic of California

80% of Americans

80% of Americans lack the cognitive skills to understand that a third party exists. The Media will not present a third party to them even when it exists. The algorithms will not show the 80% whatever scraps of a movement remains.

The keepers of the algorithm via “free” apps, extort third party activists with offers to “promote” content in an attempt to bleed them, so they cannot build to a significant level to ever seriously threaten the duopoly.

America, it costs a billion dollars to run as an independent for POTUS. Unless you fix that the whole discussion is moot.