Digital modeling for the display structures for the Frank Gehry designed exhibit.
David was an associate of TSA of Nevada.

Albany, CA, 1fam remod, tech assist for BTA

Elephant ©2018 David Curtis 
Fukushima Mediation work sequence Rev 10/27/2018 David Curtis

Las Vegas, NV, 3C4, a residential tower, David Curtis, designer/developer

Lucas Valley, CA, 1 fam remod, designer/owner

Transition for the City of Las Vegas

Marin, CA, X midrise at N

Morgan Hill, CA equestrian site + micro housing

Portland, OR, primitive hut(s) demountable platforms, designer/owner

St Helena, CA, 1 fam remod, designer

Rhinoceros model ©2018 David Curtis

Flight 93 Memorial with Desert Space Foundation