Pink T-shirts

Only scenario left.

Mary Jane Burke

Maybe it (student “absenteeism”) is an indication that the students are not finding being measured by standardized testing to be an effective method of “teaching”?
Maybe if the focus was less on sports/preparing poor students for military service?
Maybe if the schedule could be less complicated?
Maybe If we could drop off our kids without them being nearly run over in car line?
Maybe if the teachers could have fewer students in the classrooms?
Maybe if the teachers were allowed to teach instead of regurgitating common core bullshit? 
Maybe get away from “punishment” models? 
Maybe stop treating them like cattle?

Complicit Defamation

Paul Petrunia

Sites allow anon comments to drive traffic. They don’t care about ethics. They wait for the comments to moderate themselves. Meanwhile the defamation has already happened and the sites remain complicit.

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